Product development

We are a young startup that launched our low-code platform nedyx® in April 2022. Thanks to the product development overview, you will always stay up to date and have all important innovations and updates summarized here at a glance.

Release notes

April 24 Essbase April 24 Essbase

Interface to Oracle Essbase

  • The Essbase interface offers flexible data access to Oracle's multidimensional data and analysis platform. This allows different data structures such as dimensions, key figures and properties to be flexibly read and further analyzed.
File management
  • Users can now upload any files to a nedyx® app and make them available for later use and download for themselves and others. This means that documents such as invoices or damage reports can be managed, including history and lifecycle management.
Further new functionalities
  • A variety of new functionalities for using and displaying times
  • Row height and column width as a calculable property of widgets
  • Visibility as a calculable property of pages
  • Management of PDF files in the new file management system

Version Feb 2024 Snowflake Version Feb 2024 Snowflake

Interface to SAP MDX

  • With the new SAP MDX interface, data can be read very flexibly from SAP BW/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA. Including the support and display of dimensions, hierarchies, key figures and variables.
Interface to Snowflake
  • The new interface provides direct access to Snowflake's cloud-based, high-performance database. As always in nedyx®, data can be flexibly queried and further processed without any SQL knowledge.
Other new functionalities
  • Reading and displaying QR codes and barcodes
  • Display of times in local format
  • Copying of complete navigation trees via the clipboard

Version Nov 23 Bubblechart Version Nov 23 Bubblechart

Support for hierarchies in all data sources

  • Hierarchies stored in data sources such as ODBC, OData or Analysis Services can now be queried directly in hierarchy widgets and hierarchy menus, including associated key figures.
Extensive new authentication options for logging in to nedyx and external data sources.
  • The single sign-on environment KeyCloak can be used now to log in to nedyx.
  • For data sources, you can now choose if a central technical user should be used for login or if the user should log in themselves. Common options such as Open ID Connect and OAuth2 are supported. Including configurable two-factor authentication.
Other new functionalities
  • New chart types "Waterfall" and "Bubble"
  • Striped as a background option for tables and cell widgets
  • Tooltips as a property for table widgets
  • Automatic menu synchronisation

Version Jul 23 Global Sales Dashboard Version Jul 23 Global Sales Dashboard

New Interfaces to Microsoft Analysis Services, Google Sheets and OData

  • These new database connectors offer a wealth of new possibilities to load, process and display business-relevant data in nedyx. This applies to multidimensional databases such as Microsoft Analysis Services or SAP BW/HANA data (via the OData interface) as well as to departmental data (via the Google Sheets connector).
Further new functionalities
  • Definition of individual frames for widgets and table cells
  • New function HTMLTOJSONTEXT to fill the formatted text widget with HTML content
  • Dialogues for user management or sharing apps also on mobile devices
  • Actions after clicking graphic elements

Version Jun 23 Different Types Version Jun 23 Different Types

Graphic extensions

  • nedyx graphics have been extended by numerous functionalities: New graphic types "Vertical line and area graphic", value positioning, zero lines, width, spacing and overlay of column and column, graphic legend and various other options.
Use of several workspaces per user
  • The same user can now be assigned to several workspaces. This means that it is now possible to switch between workspaces more quickly, for example to switch between departments, or between productive and test workspaces.
New "Text Widget" for formatted text input
  • With Text Widgets, the user has the possibility to enter formatted text into a widget. This offers, for example, the possibility to implement comment fields with timestamps and reply options in nedyx apps.
Further new functionalities
  • Formatted text widget
  • Smartbooks AI interface
  • Sorting of database columns as popup option
  • Selection of cell ranges via drag & drop
  • Various additional mathematical functions SQRT, EXP, LOG, LN, PI
  • Switching on and off line breaks in cells, button, menu and table widgets
  • New value type "Member", which can contain hidden text in addition to the display text.

Creating and sending PDF files

  • With the PDFCREATE function, any pages of an app can be inserted into a PDF file. It is possible, for example, to add the same page several times with different menu settings or to perform any other action on the page beforehand. These PDF files can then either be saved locally or sent to any email address using the SENDEMAIL function.

Guest user access
  • For apps you can now optionally allow anonymous access via guest users. This allows nedyx apps to be seamlessly integrated into existing websites, for example, in order to offer extended interactions with the user. There is also the option to hide the navigation bar and/or the header bar of the app.

REST-api support
  • With the CALLURL function, text-based content can be loaded from external web providers and then processed further. This makes it possible, for example, to use daily updated currency rates in the app, to offer a spell checker or an automatic translation of texts

Other new functionalities
  • Undo / Redo - for restoring previous states during app creation
  • Graphic enhancements - Hide axes, transparency, text rotation
  • Hierarchical navigation - arranging pages in several levels
  • Default item for menu widgets - useful e.g. for adding an "All" item for database queries

Dynamic formatting for graphics

  • The data records of a graphic can now be formatted in the same way as is possible with tables. Thus, backgrounds, line and frame colors of the graphic elements can be defined dynamically and the format information can be stored centrally. In addition, the transparency of the backgrounds of graphic elements can now be set as required.

Assignment of filter menus for database queries

  • Widgets filled with database content can now be filtered using menus. This makes it very easy to query exactly the data you want to see without SQL knowledge.

Further functionalities
  • Synchronization of scrollbar position between different table widgets, either vertically or horizontally.
  • Actions and properties that have a formula assigned are now marked accordingly in the properties pop-up.
  • Display of a "skeleton" page during longer response or loading times.
  • Use of TAB and Shift&Tab keys for indentations in the formula window.
  • "STOREWIDGETCONTENT" function to store contents of widgets in the nedyx® internal database.

Version Sept 22 Popup Pages Version Sept 22 Popup Pages

Pop-up pages

  • Pop-up pages can be used to display dialogs, detailed information, selection options and other content above the page that is currently active. This means that additional content is only displayed when it is needed. The page itself can be limited to the generally relevant information.
Columns and rows as table type
  • Table widgets receive a new "type" that determines whether the contents always consist of only one row or one column. This simplifies the editing of these widgets and adapts contents to the respective type.
Active Directory authentication
  • In addition to the basic authentication (user name and password) already available, BYOI installations (short for "bring your own infrastructure") can use the local Active Directory to authenticate users with their existing Windows credentials.

Other functions

  • With the user management functions, almost all user authorizations within the workspace and the apps can be controlled. Thus, all authorizations are saved and maintained in a separate environment and can be applied at any time in nedyx®.

Version Aug 22 Pie Charts 2 Version Aug 22 Pie Charts 2

Pie chart

  • With the pie charts another option is offered to visualize data in nedyx®.
Selection of database tables and views
  • From all tables and views of a database, the one whose content is to be displayed in a table widget can be selected. This gives you quick access to all the contents of a database and allows you to process them further with nedyx® functions.
Cell based backgrounds
  • The cells of a table can now be colored individually. For example, cells that are ready for input can be highlighted.

Other functions:

  • With the functions "UPLOAD" and "DOWNLOAD" text-based files can be uploaded from your local computer into nedyx® or text contents from nedyx® can be saved as a file on your local computer. Thus, table widgets can be filled in nedyx® with one local CSV file.

Date picker

  • If a cell widget contains a date, the user can use the "date picker" to change the date using a calendar pop-up.

Formula error highlighting

  • When entering and executing formulas, the application developer now receives detailed information if a formula cannot be executed as required. This enables a quick adjustment of the formula.

New dynamic properties

  • In addition to content, other widget properties can now be calculated via formulas. This offers the application developer further possibilities to customize the user experience and functionality of apps at runtime. The following properties can now be calculated in addition to the content: Style, Editable, Visible and Connection.

Other functions:

  • With the functions "QUESTION" and "MESSAGE" simple options are offered to inform the user in special situations. Example: Not all fields of a form have been filled in yet and a decision has to be made - leave form page without saving, etc.

App import/export

  • Complete apps can now be exported in one file and subsequently integrated into a version control system, shared with colleagues, etc. Once exported, app files can be imported back into the nedyx® cloud at any time, providing additional backup options as well as advanced protection for your created content.
Copy and paste of widgets
  • Widgets can be transferred both within an app and between different apps or nedyx® environments via the clipboard.
Other functions
  • With the "SETSELECTION" function, you improve your user guidance by creating a smart preselection of settings. Are your users interested in the data from other countries or just the data from Germany? From now on it is no problem to display the preferred data first.
  • With the function "RANGETOCSV" you can create automatic CSV exports. You use this function for any widgets and create serial text contents from them, which you can save and upload again.

Introduction of constants into the formula language ClearLines

  • Constants control how functions are executed (for example, whether a table should be sorted by rows or columns).
New functions
  • With the "LOOKUP" function you can, among other things, display texts in the current language based on a translation table or convert technical identifiers into speaking identifiers. If master data come from different data sources with different identifiers, you can use the "LOOKUP" function to provide them with a uniform identifier for further processing.
  • With the "UPDATE" function, you can control at what point data from external data sources are newly read into the app.

Release of the nedyx® platform