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Take your logistics to the next level with Low Code! With nedyx® you quickly and easily develop your all-in-one logistics platform. With an intuitive user interface and powerful features, deliveries are planned and completed quickly and accurately.

At a glance

Industry: Logistics
Company size: Small and medium-sized enterprises
Users: 50
Time to go-live: 3 months
Requirement: Management of incoming orders, route planning, change mode for drivers, dashboards for performance control

The challenge

The logistics industry faces many challenges, such as managing incoming delivery orders, assigning drivers and routes, and being able to incorporate unscheduled circumstances or last-minute changes into existing planning.
Traditional solutions require an equally complex and time-consuming development of a responsive application in addition to the often complex and time-consuming development of logistics processes.

The goal of the nedyx application is to provide a customizable scheduling solution that optimally distributes incoming delivery orders based on delivery area, available drivers, and available storage space in the delivery truck in order to ship the greatest number of packages per delivery day.

The solution

The logistics application developed with nedyx® solves this challenge by creating an application basis that enables a fast and cost-effective further development of logistics processes.

Captured delivery orders and their routes are automatically assigned to available drivers. To do this, the application uses advanced algorithms. A dashboard provides a simple and clear view of workload and pending delivery orders. The logistics application is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly and can be customized.

nedyx® in logistics | Benefits for providers & users

Provider (logistics company/implementation partner):
  • Fast and cost-effective implementation
  • Optimized management of orders
  • Fast implementation and process modeling
  • Individually expandable, e.g. through reporting, etc.

Users (users/drivers/management):
  • Efficient planning and optimization of routes
  • Intuitive user interface and easy operation
  • Flexible planning and change mode for drivers
  • Increased accuracy and reliability through clear and precise instructions