nedyx® - the platform

Low-code at a high level - we take application development to a whole new level, because it doesn't always have to be complex and expensive or take a lot of time. With nedyx® it's easy!

What is nedyx®?

Imagine that meaningful, fully comprehensive analyses and reports are urgently needed to evaluate a new project or new markets. However, the existing analyses do not contain the right key figures, are too complex, and are difficult to understand. Now you need to act fast! What do you need for this? A tool that works intuitively, can connect all data and previous systems and visualizes everything in an appealing form - i.e. nedyx®.

Another scenario: You need to know quickly about the emergence of success-critical factors or upcoming crises, and you need to do this with business partners and customers as well as in all your locations around the globe. To ensure that this happens quickly, effectively and transparently, you need a reporting portal. What do you need for this? A platform with which you can control the complete process and the seamless, traceable workflow, upload documents and define releases - i.e. nedyx®.

Or: You are in the central IT service in the company and have to serve all these requirements (and many more) from your numerous specialist departments on a daily basis. However, you have neither the capacities nor the specialized programmers for this. What do you need for this? A low-code platform that saves time, requires no classical programming skills and can be used collaboratively - i.e. nedyx®.

No matter who, where or how - nedyx® is your tool of first choice!

Who is nedyx® for?

Everyone - and by that we really mean everyone!

Our mission is to make the creation of professional business apps possible for everyone. It doesn't matter what position you hold, what business area or industry you work in, or whether you've ever programmed your own application.

Our solution is designed in such a way that it can be used to its full extent, regardless of the user's level of programming knowledge. This is ensured by our own, easy-to-understand language - nedyx® ClearLines.

What can nedyx® do?

The nedyx zone not only includes the functional spectrum of a standard low-code app, but goes far beyond that. Customizable catalogs, spreadsheets, chatbot functions as well as flexible dashboards make the implementation of your ideas and requirements as easy as possible. Build your very own apps that support you in operational control and flexible planning – regardless of the complexity of your business processes and the interconnection of your workflows.

Simplified development Simplified development
Arbitrary mapping of complex processes Arbitrary mapping of complex processes
Time saving Time saving
Wide range of functions Wide range of functions
Holistic solution Holistic solution
Live data connectivity Live data connectivity - reading & writing


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