Teamwork with nedyx®

Nowadays, nothing works without teamwork, especially not in application creation - of course, we have taken this into account when developing nedyx®.

Gleichzeitige bearbeitung und nutzung von anwendungen

Simultaneous editing and use of applications

nedyx® solutions live from their intensive use and teamwork. Therefore, it is obvious that joint creation and editing of applications is supported with the help of suitable functions.

Applikations ownership

Application ownership

The way of working in the project team and the application ownership should not be dictated by the application or the software used, because especially in more complex system landscapes responsibilities should be distributed clearly and consistently. Therefore nedyx® allows you to keep your individual work processes and team structure. You work with nedyx® the way you have always done it or intend to do it in the future. With us, the identity of the company defines the way of working and the application ownership.

Rollenbasierte zugriffskontrolle

Role-based access control

Classic role-based authorization management ensures that users can only use the functions assigned to them accordingly. No user is able to increase or decrease authorizations independently.

App versionierung

App versioning

nedyx® apps can be added to a version control system like GitHub. In addition to full GitHub functionality, an easy-to-use user interface for saving and restoring historical versions is provided.

Kommunikation aus nedyx heraus

Communication out of nedyx®

Sometimes it is necessary that information from applications is also shared externally, be it in communication with customers or for visual presentation. nedyx® offers a variety of communication channels for this purpose, for example automatic e-mail dispatch, CSV and PDF export, commenting and report books.

Pflegeleicht und nachvollziehbar

nedyx® – easy to maintain and traceable

In today's world of rapidly changing requirements and IT skills shortages, applications must be able to be adapted quickly and with as little effort as possible. Especially with growing and long-lived applications, maintenance often becomes a time-consuming and costly challenge.

nedyx® strives for permanent traceability and easy maintenance. For this purpose, different functions are developed to support the app developer (as well as possible future additional editors), including for example app analyses or integrated documentation (coming next).