Repair Management

With nedyx® to digitalized and optimized repair processes. Reduced downtime, better service through creation by workflow automation and individual process representation.

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At a glance

  • Industry: Industry and manufacturing
  • Company size: Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Users: 30
  • Time to go-live: Two months
  • Requirements: Workflow design, usability on the factory floor, interface with factory machines, automatically completed order forms

The challenge

In many companies, repair processes are still carried out manually and analogously, which can lead to inefficient workflows and longer downtimes.

An automotive supplier wants to minimize the downtime of its own machines and is reorganizing the processes around the electricians on duty. Previously, the fault code had to be read on site, spare parts fetched from the warehouse and then the machine repaired before foremen could be informed and new parts ordered. An inefficient and time-consuming procedure.

The solution

With the nedyx® solution, the complete repair process is optimized. When a fault occurs, the information is transmitted directly to the electrician's tablet, automatically evaluated and the spare parts probably required are suggested. The required spare parts can thus be taken directly from the warehouse and the employee saves time and unnecessary walking. As soon as the machine is ready for use again, the foreman is notified via the nedyx® solution.

The stock level is automatically corrected directly via the application and spare parts are reordered as required. This not only improves efficiency, but also increases quality assurance by monitoring and documenting every step of the process. In the future, a central evaluation of the data will allow conclusions to be drawn about the critical machine processes and provide indications of further optimization potential in the maintenance process.

nedyx® in machine maintenance | Benefits for provider & user

  • Adaptation of nedyx® solutions to the individual processes in medium-sized companies.
  • Benefits through integrated analyses of digitized processes
  • Mobile representation, optimized for tablet and use on the go
  • Fast implementation and process modeling

  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Increased productivity of maintenance staff
  • Optimized documentation and inventory
  • Reduced effort through optimized process flows
  • Improved machine performance through detailed analyses