Plant Storage

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At a glance

  • Industry: Service (gardening and landscaping)
  • Company size: Small company (up to 49 employees)
  • Users: 50
  • Time to go-live: four weeks
  • Requirements: Automated order entry and quotation generation; Linked delivery date form with intelligent appointment allocation; Workload calculation and forecast

The challenge

A tree nursery offers its regular customers a storage service for plants so that they can survive the cold winter temperatures unscathed. For this purpose, an automatic process is to determine the incoming orders, the creation of offers, the storage and retrieval dates, and a forecast for the capacity utilization.

Among other things, the following features should also be integrated:
  • Selection of different plant types
  • Remarks column (e.g. to document the condition of the plant)
  • Calculation of the required footprint as well as the total area
  • Recording of the total delivery quantity per day
  • Offer or close delivery days according to order situation

The solution

On the tree nurseries' homepage, customers can log in with their account and order plant storage. Finally, the first possible pick-up and delivery date is automatically calculated and the customer chooses their preferred dates, which automatically creates an order summary. Customers receive both the order confirmation and the invoice to their stored mail accounts. For overview, customers also see their order history as well as the current order.

The nursery has its own area for managing orders. There they can find forecasts of capacity utilization, a delivery schedule with all relevant details. This simplifies planning and relieves the employees.

nedyx® for gardening and landscaping | Benefits for suppliers & users

  • Increased efficiency: Automated planning and processing of orders and forecasts enable time and cost savings.
  • Flexibility & scalability: Applications can be used on the move (e.g. for field staff) and new functions can be added quickly and easily
  • Reduced error-proneness: automation means less manual input is required.
  • Customized application: Branding and the implementation of individual requirements.

  • Easy to use: self-explanatory interface for orders.
  • Mobile use: management and access from anywhere
  • Clear order creation: through an appealing design and sensible user guidance
  • Practical functions: such as invoicing by mail and order history