The architecture

Software operation in the Cloud or a local installation? We adapt to your needs and provide you with both options. Decide what suits you and your company best.

Your options

Managed Cloud infrastructure

In the managed Cloud option, nedyx® is operated on an Amazon AWS Cloud. The scalability of the solution is ensured by the architecture in an EKS (Kubernetes) cluster. Additional containers are added or unneeded containers are released as needed. All nedyx® related data is stored in an Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL database with secured, highly available and scalable access.

External third-party data sources such as MS Azure or Google Sheets are accessed by the worker nodes via HTTPS requests.

Each customer works in a completely separate workspace. Complete isolation ensures that no content is intentionally or accidentally shared between workspaces.

On-premises infrastructure

The Cloud is not always the right place for infrastructure, which is why nedyx® naturally also offers on-premises solutions via containers. Please feel free to contact us for more details.