Desk Booking

The shared workspace trend has gained new momentum with the Corona pandemic, and with it the challenge of managing workspaces in a meaningful way is growing. With nedyx you can quickly and easily develop a user-friendly table reservation app.

At a glance

Industry: HR
Company size: Small and medium-sized enterprises
Users: 200
Time to go-live: 3 weeks
Requirements: interactive, graphical representation of office space, regulated reservation options, multi-user management

The challenge

In recent years, the work environment has changed dramatically, with more and more employees working from home or in a hybrid work environment. This has led to a new dynamic in workplace design, where companies increasingly require smaller offices with fewer workstations and provide space for other work areas such as meeting rooms, collaborative workspaces or even rest areas.

In this context, it is important to allow employees to customize the work environment. This starts with reserving their own workspace. This in turn enables intelligent planning, optimization and design of the available space and an overview of workstation occupancy.

The solution

A table reservation app created with nedyx is an effective solution to the challenge of creating a flexible work environment for employees who work both in the office and in the home office.

In the app, a workstation can be reserved for any given day, with the restriction of not being able to permanently occupy a workstation. Occupied workstations are marked in the interactive room display, desired seats can be selected directly in the graphic.

The application can be extended with many other functions, such as the reservation of meeting rooms or the ordering of meals.

nedyx® in logistics | Benefits for providers & users

Provider (HR/Consulting):
  • Fast and cost-effective implementation
  • Optimized management of workstations and rooms
  • Fast individualization of graphical elements
  • Individually expandable e.g. by carpool management, equipment ordering, beverage service etc.

User (user/driver/management):
  • Intuitive user interface and simple operation
  • Flexible planning and self-management of staff
  • Analysis of room occupancy
  • Reduction of planning time and administration costs