Profit & Loss Analysis

Profit & Loss analysis is essential to strategically manage a business and maximize profits. nedyx® makes it possible to quickly and easily create a powerful tool to make financially qualified decisions.

At a glance

Industry: Business Intelligence
Company size: Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
Users: 100
Time to go-live: three weeks
Requirements: fast interface connection, fast overview generation, appealing, clear design

The challenge

The profit & loss analysis should tie up as little time and resources as possible in the company. It must be easily filled with data by an easy-to-use tool and provide a practical overview. Smaller companies in particular have limited resources that should be conserved.

The solution

With nedyx®, an application was developed in a short time to quickly and easily visualize important business metrics such as sales, costs and profit.

The focus was placed on an intuitive user interface that makes it possible to import and visualize data from various sources. For example, sales data is imported from e-commerce stores and cost information from the accounting system used.

The application automatically presents the data in a clear table as well as in the form of charts and graphs. Creating individual analysis tools that help identify trends, make forecasts and optimize business performance is also no problem with nedyx®. With these tools, insights into key business metrics can be gained quickly. nedyx® offers an affordable and effective solution for profit & loss analysis - without extensive knowledge in data analysis!

nedyx® for Business Intelligence | Benefits for providers & users

Vendors (Business Management; BI Consultants):
  • Competitive advantage through a cost-efficient solution
  • Individual development of specific analysis tools
  • Easy customization of the application possible
  • Resource-saving further development of the solution possible

  • User-friendly interface for effortless data analysis
  • Ability to import data from a variety of sources and quickly gain
  • gain insights into key business metrics
  • Time savings through automated data processing and visualization
  • Ability to identify trends and make forecasts to optimize business performance