App development

We know exactly what is important for a user-friendly application: appealing design, intuitive user guidance, flawless user experience and error-free performance. With nedyx® we guarantee you all of that!

High performance low effort

Creating and maintaining applications with nedyx® should be productive and enjoyable. The same applies to the use of the applications that can be built with nedyx®. This requires a highly developed user interface with intuitive operation.

nedyx® makes use of common and established mechanisms:

  • Drag & drop elements are as easy to use as in MS PowerPoint, including alignment options, e.g. based on orientation lines or flexible formatting.
  • Well-known and new nedyx®-internal shortcuts facilitate the handling.
  • Undo/redo allows you to try out and quickly undo actions.
  • With dynamic properties you create an efficient representation of data and processes according to your ideas (see also nedyx® ClearLines).
  • Referencing entire widgets creates clarity and consistency. For example, create a style page and use it as a reference for the entire application - even renamed or moved objects that are referenced are no problem for nedyx®.