Resource planning

Solid planning is the foundation for a company's success. Planning software can help you keep track of developments and goals. It is important that the software is modifiable and grows with the company.

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The challenge

Every company has individual processes and circumstances that change over time due to drastic events (e.g. pandemics). Therefore, it is necessary to have a software concept that quickly adapts to these changing needs. Whether aggregated or detailed planning scenarios, automatic distribution functions or multi-dimensional top-down/bottom-up planning are required, it needs a solution that can be easily modified.

A current example is the return of workers to the office and the often associated lack of space. Despite the pandemic, many companies have been able to grow and hire staff without having to adjust their site space capacity. This has now changed as offices are becoming more crowded again - transparent planning of shared workspaces is now required.

The solution

Resource planning screenshot

For this use case, a table reservation tool was set up with nedyx®. It helps companies to plan office days sensibly and to make optimal use of the available space. The existing, individual room structure is used as the basis for a reservation tool. Each employee thus finds his or her favorite place and can reserve it for the requested days. With a click on the clickable workstation, it becomes visible on which days this workstation is available.

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